Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Natural Hair Salons - Jackson, MS

Hi Ladies and Gents!  Nope, there's no typo in the header, this post is about natural hair salons in Jackson, MS.  I was just like you, thinking there must be some sarcastic joke hidden.  I am glad to be wrong this time--and may I add, I am rarely wrong :).  

For all of my followers who live in Central MS and surrounding areas, feel free to check out Natural U hair salon located in the heart of Jackson--okay that part was a joke; I'm not sure there is a such thing as "heart of Jackson"--but I digress.  Natural U is owned/ operated by fellow natural, Melody Washington.  I can trust a stylist with hair like mine.  Although the website appears a little unconvincing, I believe a visit to the salon will definitely change your mind.  She and her stylists care about healthy hair and will try to set you on a path to luscious locks and trendy tresses.  And if nothing else, you have gotta love the fly logo.  Plus, I think Melody regularly hosts natural hair meet-ups in Jackson.  I am not certain, but would be will to bet she's the only one doing so in the area.

Another hair salon, Eunique studio is operated by Eushawn (sorry I don't know her last name, but you know how it is; she has to be good to go by first name only).  She specializes in natural hair and serves the Jackson area.  I believe a lot of her clients are natural and/ or wear extensions.  Based on my friends' reviews of her work, I believe she would be a great stylist to visit.  Her salon is in the Fondren District (2906 North State Street Suite 333 Jackson, Mississippi 39216).  If you're in the area and think you want to give the salon a try, stop thinking and stop by to set up an appointment.  

Okay, that's all for salon recommendations in Jackson.  Hope this helps someone who lives there!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CurlBox Review by Bridgette

Happy Tuesday!  I have been seriously thinking about trying CurlBox to feed my PJism, but luckily of me, one of my friends has already tried out this fab subscription.  Below is her review!

What is a CurlBox?

an affordable, effortless and EASIER way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly hair products delivered to your doorstep every month.

Yep, it’s just that. For $20 a month (shipping included) you get to try out hair (and usually other cosmetic) products. However, you can’t just go to the site and place an order. You have to sign up for a subscription, and the sign up list is not always open. If the subscription list is closed, you sign up to receive additional information. Once you sign up for more information, you will get an e-mail letting you know when the subscription list will reopen.  If you want in, be at the right place, ON TIME! The subscriptions sell out quickly.

I ordered my monthly subscription (they have yearly subscriptions available for a discount) in April and received my first CurlBox in May. Lucky me, it was a special box, the owner’s birthday month.  Here are a few photos of my box. 



1-   8oz Kynx Refreshing Leave in Moisturizer (I’ve only used it once. It has a lemony smell. Not sure how I feel about its styling capabilities),
2-  8oz  Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Jojoba (Love, hate relationship with this one. It worked wonders on my bantu knot, twist out, holding them up during a hot and stormy Mississippi Saturday. Literally all day! It was 6 AM when I left home and 7PM when I returned, and yes, my hair was still fly, in spite of the ridiculous rain and heat! Sorry no photos, what a shame. L. So what do I hate? Although it has no sulfates, parabens, etc., it has something in it that gives it a coating property and with me following the Curly Girl Method, my hair notices the difference. Attempting to re-wet and twist at night proved futile. ) ,
  -  8.25oz Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer (Very moisturizing. It helped define my flat twits, but it’s not a CG friendly product. Oh well.),
4- Habibi Vanilla & Rose Body Balm (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!! This product alone was worth the $20 I spent on the box. The 4oz jar that I received is $25 online! And a little goes a long way. Not sure I will be ordering this product any time soon (a bit pricey), but I will be trying to recreate the smell when I whip up my next batch of shea butter mixture.)
5- 8.50g Luster Renutrients Slick Stick (I haven’t tried this one yet.)
6-  Sample packet of Olive Oil Hair Masque (I haven’t tried this one yet.)
7- Sample Packet of Olive Oil (I haven’t tried this one yet.)
8- Sample packet of Shea Butter Hair & Scalp Lotion (I haven’t tried this one yet.)
9- Sample packet of Hair Repair (I haven’t tried this one yet.)
1- Mini “Love the Journey” journal (I haven’t written anything in my journal, haven’t been in a journaling mood. But I like the journal. My sister is currently transitioning and I am definitely getting her one!)
1- Coupons and brochures.

So what do I think?

I think CurlBox is a very creative idea that allows me to try some products that I have always wanted to try, but could not convince myself that they were worth the price, and to be introduced to new products that I had no clue about. Even with me CGing it these days, I feel it’s $20 well spent.

Here is a preview of my June CurlBox. Yep, I have the June one and haven’t even used all the products from the May box. Oh, it was a full bottle of Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner, but I just had to try it since it falls into the CG rules. Smells great, still debating the rest.  


1.     14oz Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner
2.     4oz Curl Care Frizz Control Serum
3.     1.7oz Nutress Hair Wrap-Guard Foam Wrap Lotion
4.     1.7oz packet Sof’n Free GroHealthy Milk & Protein Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning treatment
5.     Sample packet of Herbal Cleanse “Dry Shampoo”
6.     Sample packet of Ambrosia Hair Honeybush Replenishing Hair Milk
7.     Sample packet of Free Your Mane Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil
8.     Sample packet of Free Your Mane Daily Detangling Conditioner
9.     Sample packet of Bugs Off  Waterproof Mosquito Repellant Band 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Protective Styling - Tree Braids

Dolls, Divas, Make-Believers! (corny, I know)

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far.  Just wanted to post my protective style of the month, tree braids....or more specifically, Afro Puffy Twists.  I am so loving how low maintenance this style is.  I am also loving that I can wash my hair every day without fearing the detangling process and how much time I'll have to spend twisting or being otherwise creative with my hair.  Here are a few pics! If you schedule an appointment with Maria, please tell her I sent you!

Happy Monday!

awkward smile

channelling my inner Tina

unconcerned with it all....

Let me know how you're protective styling!

Until next time,


Monday, January 9, 2012

Catching the D. Breeze

I have a special treat for you all tonight...dun da dun dun dun: Interview time.  I got the chance to talk to my old college buddy and fellow blogger, Domonic bka D. Breeze.  I wanted to get more male perspectives on this whole natural hair phenomenon.  Domonic is very as-a-matter-of-fact and I appreciate his insight.  He tells you exactly how he feels and if you can't respect that, then you may not be ready for the truth.  Other than that, he's hilarious and mad cool.  You know how it gets so hot in the summertime... and the only thing that helps you bear it is that cool breeze that comes unexpectedly....yep, he's that cool. So, please, sit back, get cozy and enjoy the interview!

So I watched Chris Rock's documentary, Good Hair and heard the men saying that black women won't let a man touch their hair.  Have you experienced that?  Do you ever have the urge to run your fingers through a black woman's hair?

Domonic:  Ha ha!  Well I see you are getting right to it!  Where do I start!  Let’s just say with 93% of black women (yeah I make up my own stats)….if you touch their hair….you better be real good at bobbing and weaving your way outta the way of her damn punches!  I’ve definitely experienced black ladies not wanting their hair to be touched by me.  I am a guy who wants to have ALL of my woman, not just parts and I think some black women fail to realize that keeping a part of themselves from their man can be a turn off.  I’m not one who gonna trip too hard if I can’t touch your hair…but you definitely get extra points if I can!

Okay...what do you guys really think about the hair bonnets we wear to bed?  Are they really that bad?

Domonic:  *sigh* Imma just go on the record saying…..GUYS DO NOT LIKE THAT CRAP!  I think it slightly irks us guys sometimes that ladies get all dolled up to go outside the house daily, for outings, work, etc. and then come to bed looking like who did it and what for!   Now let me not act like the hair bonnet, head scarf, or whatever is gonna stop any action from going down but I will say that I think black women need to do a better job sometimes of coming to bed dolled up for their men and keep the excitement visually at night….b/c that hair bonnet 100% of the time just ain’t getting it! And a lil tip for the guys, here’s a D.Breeze secret…if you really wanna get brownie points – ladies love Satin pillowcases for their hair!  Thank me later!

Onto the more relevant questions.  Does it matter to you whether a woman wears her hair natural (curly/ textured) or relaxed (straight)?  Or is the real issue whether her hair is long or short?

Domonic:  I think this is truly a question that varies from guy to guy!  Personally, I don’t care if a lady has Natural(curly/textured) or relaxed(straight) hair.  I really don’t mind if her hair is long or short either!  The only thing I care about when it comes to a lady’s hair is that it is well taken care of and not take away from her overall package.  Nothing is worse than seeing a woman, you look at her hair and think – WTF yo?! I know a lot of guys have standards when it comes to their woman having hair a certain length or of a certain texture but I’ve never been that guy.  I’m not one to put beauty in a box.  It comes in so many forms!  The best advice I could give to any woman about her hair from a guy’s perspective is to do what you wanna do with your hair…some guy will like it as long as it is well taken care of! 

What percentage, if any, does a woman's hairstyle factor into her overall attractiveness?

Domonic:  For me, I’d have to say a woman’s hairstyle rarely can break her attractiveness level unless she is just on some other stuff…like FUBAR.  On the other hand, it’s rare that her attractiveness level will be lowered but the RIGHT hairstyle can add definite cool points to her attractiveness level!  The right hairstyle can be the difference between a guy approaching you or you being alone forever b/c your hair is jacked up! Lmao…just kidding about the alone forever part but I just want ladies to realize how important how they maintain their hair can be to us fellas.

When you hear a woman has natural hair, what are the first thoughts (or hairstyles) that come to mind? Afro, braids, dreadlocks, Boosie fade?

Domonic:  Hmmm my first thoughts….I’d say my first thoughts are that “Damn I hope this chick isn’t one that thinks going natural just means waking up out of the bed and going!”  I think all guys have ran into the chick that has “natural” hair that didn’t realize that there is a certain level of maintenance involved in it!  Ain’t nothing worse that a chick walking around looking like she has a few Brillo pads on her head!  Like WTH were you thinking homie!  Go get a freaking perm! And the first hairstyle that comes to mind when I think of natural hair is probably the Afro.

What opinion, if any, do you have about women with natural hair?

Domonic:  I LOVE a woman with natural hair!  I think I more so love the fact that she doesn’t feel the need to do anything out of the ordinary to feel beautiful.  I’m not saying that women without natural hair do it to feel beautiful but it’s just something to me about a woman that is naturally beautiful.  I say all the time that I don’t date women if I don’t think they are naturally beautiful.  If we are sitting on the couch and I say, “Babe, let’s run to the store..”  I don’t want her to feel the need to have to get up, go put on make up, take an hour to ready herself, and kill the drive to want to go to the store.  I like ladies who can get up in sweat pants, no makeup, and still be able to turn a head or two in the store…..NATURAL BEAUTY!

What opinion, if any, do you have about weaves?
Domonic:  I think weaves are a blessing and a curse.  I say they are a blessing b/c they allow ladies to change up the styles of their hair with relative ease.  I have seen some great weaves.  But you know there is always the other side!  I don’t care how great an invention is….there will always be a small group of people that find a way to use it for evil!  Let’s be reasonable with the weaves ladies!  It’s no reason for you to be bald on Tuesday and have 22 inch Indian Remi(sp) on Thursday!  GTFOHWTBS!  As they say….do everything in moderation!  Too much of anything is bad for you…including weave!  Keep it classy ladies!
You just made me think of "Chicken Head" by Project Pat....I'm sorry, I occasionally have hood moments.  Tell me what your opinion is of women who do not take care of their hair. (I.e., bald spots, bad weaves, etc) 

Domonic:  I have pretty solid viewpoints on this.  Frankly, I feel like if you don’t take care of your hair as a woman… probably make bad life decisions!  If you don’t care enough to take care of your hair on a regular basis then it’s probably even bigger things in life that you let go without due attention also.  I have no confidence in a woman who doesn’t take care of herself to take care of me or any kids we could possibly have in the future hypothetically. I know some of  you all might be thinking that that’s kind of out there….but it’s completely logical to me!

Scenario - You see two attractive women across the room. One with natural hair. One with relaxed hair. Which would you approach?

Domonic:  Come on Krystal…you’ve known me since college!  You know D.Breeze is leaving with both of their numbers! Lol

Yeah, I guess I did kinda set myself up with that one.  So....does any woman in your family wear her hair natural?

Domonic: Not that I can think of right off top…most of the women in my family have relaxed hair

Would you care whether your daughter (when you have one) gets a relaxer?

Domonic:  If I were to have a daughter in the future, I would like her hair to stay natural for as long as possible and teach her that nothing was wrong with her hair being in it’s natural state.  I’m not against relaxers but I don’t like seeing parents having their daughter’s hair relaxed at very young ages.  

Would you ever wear your hair in a fro or dreadlocks?

Domonic:  I’ve actually always wanted an afro and then eventually get it locked but everytime I’ve tried I end up cutting it off b/c I just don’t have the patience!  

How do women in Atlanta wear their hair? (If you pay attention)

Domonic:  I seriously think the women of Atlanta have some of the most creative, wildest, interesting hair styles in the world!  It’s no telling what I might see when I leave my house and enter the city as far as hair on a woman’s head here in the A!  I definitely commend the women of ATL for their originality at minimum! Good, Bad, and ugly! Ha ha

Do your male friends share similar views about natural or relaxed hair? Please share.

Domonic:  I think my male friends all have similar views on the hair issue.  None of us really have any set view of how we want hair to be on a lady but we all just want whatever lady we deal with to have taken decent care of her hair.

Do you think black women are the ones who truly have complexes about their own hair, and just try to say it is everyone else that does?

Domonic:  I definitely think some black women have complexes about their own hair but I don’t think it is of any fault of their own on the average!  I think we as black men need to do a better job of letting our women know how beautiful we think they are in their natural state.  These complexes come from ages of thinking they have to look a certain way to be good-looking or to draw interest to themselves.  We must make our women feel like they don’t have live up to Hollywood stereotypes to be deemed beautiful!  In my opinion, I think that there are major flags on how women with natural hair and relaxed hair are treated in certain environment – especially in corporate America. 

Well, that was interesting! If you dolls and divas enjoyed my interview with D. Breeze, feel free to check out his blog to find out his opinion on various topics from politics to relationships.  

Have a goodnight!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Afro Puffy Twists

It's time to tell the truth and shame the devil.  I'm pretty extreme as you dolls should know by now.  I watch YouTube videos and try to imitate what I see or I travel across the continental US for a hairstyle.  One day, I saw ChocolateDoll86's video/ picture collage of transitioning of the hairstyles stood out from the rest, the Afro Puffy Twists.  CD86 received a lot of inquiries and posted a second video detailing the hairstyle as well as providing the stylist's contact information.  Like the good little extremist I am, I scheduled my appointment and headed to Maryland.  (This was not a special trip just for my appointment....I was also visiting family and friends living in the DMV, so it worked out perfectly that the stylist lived in the area).  

Here's the look:

Although some of you probably assumed this was my kinky coily, never oily's not (whomp, whomp).  The style, Afro Puffy Twists are essentially tree braids.  The stylist twists the extensions prior to adding them to my hair.  The twists are "cornrowed" in just like loose hair is added into tree braids.  I probably just explained that horribly, but hey, I'm human....I make mistakes...I misspell words....I use incorrect grammar's okay.  

The braids were secure, but not too tight--such a blessing because I am "tender-headed."  It took her about 2 hours to complete the style.  Take down is easy--just un-braid the cornrows and voila!  This is one of my favorite protective styles.  It's very natural looking and low maintenance.  

For those in the DMV area that would like to get this style, here's Mari's card:

Please tell her I sent you!

Good Night,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So, I went to Miss Jessie's Soho Salon...

....and it was absolutely beautiful! The decor was classy chic and the salon had an upbeat ambience.  What's more? Titi and Miko actually style your hair! Sounds pretty awesome right? It did to me too.

Flashback--two weeks before my visit:  I call Miss Jessie's to schedule an appointment for my birthday.  There is a $75 deposit which will be applied to the service I receive during my appointment.  Cool, I expected as much.  The receptionist tells me to make sure that I wash my hair three days prior to coming in to the salon and remove all products, braids, etc. so that my hair is in its most natural state.  Warning: I can't speak for the rest of you ladies, but my hair is not cute when it is uncombed, frizzy, dry (borderline ashy) and un-stretched.  Fast forward to the day of the appointment.  I wake up early and tie my hair up...I wanted to beat the crowd on the subway (minimize the number of people that get to see me with my hair in fritz).  So, I hop on the 6 train and head to Grand street.

I get off the train in the middle of Chinatown, and head towards Broadway to get to the salon.  I am crunched for time (as usual) but luckily, my intuition kicks in and I make it to the building with 2 minutes to spare.  Once inside, I hop on the elevator and head to suite #2.  As I walk out of the elevator, angels start singing in my head as I behold the uber trendy lower-Manhattan salon (technically I don't think this counts as Soho...but hey, whatever sells).

I complete the first-time client form and wait to be called for my "consultation." The wait is not too long. I don't know why I thought the styling consultation would be longer than 5 minutes, but it was not.  The consultant suggests that I get a dry twist out and angle balance cutting.  Sounds cool, I can work with it but...I really wanted a new look.  Something that set me apart from my 26 year old self.  *sigh* I tell the consultant that I usually wear twist outs and the style normally only lasts two days.  He immediately replies that the salon-styled twists would last much least 4 days (shut the front door).  Okay, cool.  I don't want to argue, I just want my hair to look better than it looks while I'm sitting in the salon chair...because it looks bad.

The consultant advises me that the salon policy is to settle all bills prior to styling the customer's hair (I guess this prevents people from not paying for services received).  Cool.  I ask for my total. He replies, "we will apply your $75 deposit, so with the shampoo, angle-balance cutting, and dry twist-out, that will leave a balance of $400."

As I regain consciousness, I realize that this was not a horrible dream wherein I was repeatedly punched in the face by someone wearing brass knuckles.  Okay, back to the consultant/ man that is trying to overcharge me for a 4-day hairstyle.  I ask if there is a less expensive option.  He says, "sure, we can take off the angle-balance cutting and that will leave a balance of $275."

If anger could encompass exactly what I felt at that moment, I might describe myself as angry.  However, because anger does not adequately describe the venom that pumped through my enraged veins, I won't use it.  *cues rant* Really Miss Jessie's?!?! Really?! You think you can charge several hundred dollars for a wash, trim, and twist out?  You have gotta be out of your mind.  This is outrageous. Are you kidding me? A four-day hairstyle...that I have to freshen up each morning. *ends rant* I realized at that moment that Miss Jessie's salon is not for me, nor will it ever be.  Not because I cannot afford it, but because it is ridiculously overpriced.  Would I spend several hundred dollars on clothing, jewelry, handbags? Yes. Why? Because those items last more than 4 days. 

So, I ended up getting my hair washed and styled (for less than the above amounts) and leaving as fast as I could.  Some places are more fantasy than reality.  I'm not knocking any lady who goes to Miss Jessie's regularly.  I just think that the salon is overpriced.  Beyonce better be doing my hair while Solange deejays in the background for those prices.  *cues Party (featuring Andrè 3000)*

Until next time,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bridgette Talks Natural Hair

Happy Sunday Dolls, Divas & those in between!  I decided to brighten up your day with an interview.  Meet Bridgette, a relatively new natural, who is delighted to have her curls back!

Why did you decide to go natural?

Why not? From the jheri curl to a relaxer, the chemicals had always irritated my scalp. Getting a "touch up" was like planning a vacation: no scratching this week, no working out, make sure I wash far enough in advance that there is not more irritation, but not too far that my hair is all greasy and nasty before I get to the salon. Oh yeah, don't forget to grease my scalp before I head to the salon. Last but not least, make sure someone can take the dog out just in case I am away longer than expected.

I was tired of all the drama of "getting my hair done". I was at my mother's house and saw a picture of when I was a baby and that was the start of my journey. I wanted my curls back! With encouragement from a fellow natural, I said goodbye to the beauty shop and hello to uniquely me.

 When did you big chop?

I got my last dose of the creamy crack in September 2009. I had planned to transition for a year, but patience is a virtue I am still working on. So, I big chopped on April 3, 2010.

What have you learned about your hair through this journey?

"I am not my hair!" I have always known that if I take time to get to know my hair, then be good to it, it would be good to me. I have different textures and what works for one, does not work for all! Even more, my hair seems to be changing as it grows. So I am still getting to know my hair and we are growing together.

Do you sometimes miss your relaxed hair?

It's been just over a year into my journey and I have not missed it yet! That’s just the thing about natural hair, if I am really craving a straight style, I can go there and back to my curls without any problems.

Scenario: You just got a call for an interview tomorrow morning. How do you style your hair? Do you grab the pressing comb or get creative with your natural texture?

:-0 This actually happened. I had decided to wear my hair in a fro the day before and figured I would get around to twisting it the next day for a trusted twist out. But then I got the call to be at the interview in 2 1/2 hours! What to do!? I still have not mastered the wash-n-go and blow drying was out of the questioned. I did a quick twist with some hair butter, got dressed, untwisted, and pinned it up. Turned out better than I ever expected!

What has been your best natural hair compliment?

So far? Hmm, I was shopping in Target, looking at some hair products, and a non-natural stopped to talk to me about my hair. I had just run out the house with a poor braid out, but she LOVED it. We spent about 10 minutes on the aisle and then ended up walking to the checkout line together, the whole time talking about MY HAIR!

How do you keep your hair moisturized?

Deep conditioning every week, leave in conditioner after every wetting session (co-wash or shampoo), and oils and butters to style. I am also trying to eat better and drink more water, hydration from the inside out.

Do you have any staple products?

There are a few that have made the transition from relaxed to natural with me: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner and Paul Mitchell The Conditioner (a leave in conditioner). I usually get the generic version of each from Sally's. Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm (also generic version from Sally's), with an added touch of honey is quickly becoming my deep conditioner of choice. I also love henna, amla, and brahami.

What is your every day hairstyle? How do you wear your hair when you work out?

Hmm, my everyday style? I don't have one just yet. I am still experimenting, watching YouTube videos, and reading boards. As my hair grows, I am able to try a lot more styles. Also, as I am trying new products and homemade mixtures, I am getting my hair to do new things. A curly fro, twist out, and Bantu knot out are always dependable.

Working out! As if I have time. Lately I have been able to rinse, add conditioner, detangle and "tangle teeze" into a small ponytail. (Yes, I can get a ponytail!) I can go sweat and get a mini deep conditioning while working out. Just rinse and wear a curly fro afterwards.

What, if anything, would you like to share with the readers?

Don't let others define what your beautiful is! We are all "wonderfully" made and our beauty is unique to each of us. Be patience with yourself and your hair, get to know them both and learn to love each for who God has made them. ;-)